Flexible ultra-flat heating elements

Research and Development

Based on the long experience in the production of heating elements, cables, heating systems and know-how developed over the years, in 2010 Calorflex inaugurates C Design. The first branch was established with the aim of becoming a production site and the R&D hub of the Calorflex Group.

Thanks to substantial investments and a natural inclination to development and innovation, C Design immediately equipped itself with an advanced research and testing laboratory and cutting-edge production facilities to be able to manufacture high quality, reliable, price-competitive, and readily available flat heating elements.

Manufacturing Locations in 3 Continents C Design Manufacturing Locations in 3 Continents
Research & Development Hub C Design Research & Development Hub

Flexible Heating Elements

Developed for technologically advanced sectors such as aerospace and telecommunications, they also find wide use in other fields such as catering, hot plates, ultrasonic washing, electromedical equipment, and even in the world of wellness and beauty care

Available in Silicone, Polyester, Mica, Teflon and Kapton depending on customer’s request and application.

Flexible heating elements offer several advantages:

  • Flexibility and minimal thickness
  • Maximum adhesion to surfaces
  • Ability to accommodate holes and cutouts
  • Ease of installation thanks to fastening accessories
  • Possibility to differentiate the power distribution on the surface according to project needs
Superior performance C Design Superior performance
Minimum thickness C Design Minimum thickness

Design and Production

C Design’s engineering team is at the service of the customer to create customized solutions for our clients.

With a natural propensity for problem-solving and active technical support we get to develop projects on any scale, from prototyping to small orders production up to large-scale production.

In addition to flexibility, through organization and modern equipment, C Design is able to guarantee quick delivery and competitive prices.

Problem solving C Design Problem solving
Speed of Delivery C Design Speed of Delivery

Flexibility and listening

C Design pays close attention to the customer’s needs and collaborates with them to find the ideal solution. The design activity guarantees the continuous evolution and innovation of the product range and the realization of special products.

Tailored-made solutions C Design Tailored-made solutions
Innovation C Design Innovation

We also have direct manufacturing facilities in North America and the Middle East. Visit the website of our offices and consult our entire product catalogue.

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